One would not have guessed how hard it might be to move one’s ass from Prague to Stuttgart.

Direct connection is nonexistent. By coach it’s at least two changes. Plane? No, thank you. Czech Railways expensive af as always. Then I got the brilliant idea of checking out Deutsche Bahn, fully expecting them to be even more expensive than with Czech Railways. Oh was I wrong. For tickets that I would pay almost 5 500 CZK (220 €) cost me only 59 € with Deutsche Bahn.

Also I do not know why, but every time I leave at an unholy hour. Anything before 10 AM is suffering for me, so let me be dramatic 🙂 Departure at 8.05 almost killed me. I have spend the afternoon and evening procrastinating, finished packing only at 1 AM already in panic that I will surely oversleep.

Why did I go to Stuttgart in a first place? I went for my ever concert of Palaye Royale. Close by lives one of my friends, who wanted to see them as well, but did not want to go alone. And I can never say no to another concert.

I am not the biggest fan of adrenaline sports etc., biggest adrenaline for me is buying concert tickets before even knowing how you will get there.

I got to Stuttgart the day before the show and had plans to go and see the city, do some sightseeing etc. But I arrived so tired that the peek of my activity was to go get dinner and I was dead asleep by 7 PM. So much for sightseeing.

On Sunday, day of the show, I went to pick up my friend from the train station and we headed for lunch into the city center. Almost everything is closed on Sundays (goddamn Christianity) so it was city of ghosts. We got burgers and bacon-cheese fries and tried to roll ourselves back to our Airbnb so we could get ready for the show. With our luck it of course started raining as soon as we were ready to go. Fortunately enough we managed to get there more or less unaffected by the rain and even still could fit under the little roof outside. Though it was kinda freezing and super windy.

We were stood next to some doors through which people were going in and out of. But VIP went inside via some doors behind a corner so we thought that we are indeed at the end of the line. So imagine our surprise when the door next to us turned out to be the entrance and suddenly we were the front of the line. Still do not understand how we got so lucky and I felt semi-bad for the people that were there for I don’t know how long. But oh wel. Karma is for free and I must have been good, I do not have any other explanation.

We started talking to another girl in the queue so we separated inside the club – she went to save us a spot, I went for beers and my friend dropped our jackets off. By some miracle we ended up in a third row. It was our plan from the beginning to be somewhere up front since we are short and blind as bats, but third row was even beyond what we hoped for.

Palaye Royale had two support acts – The Haunt and Flash Forward. Set of The Haunt came out of nowhere. They seemed to be doing sound check, when out of the blue the singer threw her coat away and they started playing. I was stood there for the first song thinking if they are really playing or what is going on. They played 4 or 5 songs before disappearing again and I am not sure what I think of them. Then it was time for Flash Forward, a german band, which will be on tour with To The Rats And Wolves in March. Their set seemed longer to me and I definitely enjoyed them more. They were great.

But then it was finally Palaye time.

At one point people started screaming, I looked at the stage and saw no one so I figured someone must have walked past or something. But then the girl in front of me made a step to the side and I have noticed Sebastian on stage, I suppose, tuning his guitar. Just casually… But then finally the lights got dark and one by one they ran up on stage.

Before I get to the concert itself, I would like to mention the crowd. We were worried a bit that as soon as guys get on stage, everyone will get ape-shit crazy, but it did not happen. Considering we were third row, there was no pushing or shoving, there was enough space to jump, dance etc. Plus everyone was really nice, we were probably the only ones talking exclusively English there so it became a conversation starter.

But back to the show 🙂

Those guys know how to make a show. Maybe they have smaller stages, smaller crowds, but they are proper showman. At few point it seemed like Rem was contemplating stepping onto the barricade, but changed his mind last minute figuring he would break his face and squish us. I really tried to peel my eyes of off Remington and watch Sebastian with Emerson, but it proved impossible. Not even talking about Daniels

I won’t even comment on his voice, it sounds the damn same as on a record. The same rasp and implacable accent (which he seems to lose when just talking). As per usual first few lines of the show gave me goosebumps, but who is even shocked at this point.

They flew through the setlist and I was dying, my arms hurt since they were up above my head 90% of the time and I was shocked. For one because I knew lyrics to songs I never thought I would know a line out of and second because of Remington’s trips into the crowd. Three times right next to us. On his last trip on our side he crawled on the ground. C R A W L E D O N T H E G R O U N D. I vividly remember staring at him as he crawled by me, thinking “What the fuck are you doing on the ground? We should be on our kness… Get up man…”. I was so confused that I just held my phone with the camera app open. Few rows behind us, he pulled himself up and hopped back to the stage – I will ask again, what the fluff?

Second to last song and first encore was Ma Chérie. Aka time to pull out rad paper roses and phone flashlights. These paper roses are for remembrance of two sister that sadly passed away in the last few months. It started as a memorial for one and then sadly her sister joined her earlier this year.

The whole set was closed by cover of Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Be still my EMO heart. You can wake me up at 2 AM and I will still be able to recite the whole song so I was singing/screaming the whole song on top of my lungs just as the rest of the room.

They are willing and happy to meet anyone after the show, so they spend hour(s) talking to people, taking pictures. So thinking that would be our only show together we decided to stick around. Emerson left the stage with the info that they’ll be there in a few, that they just need to fix their make-up. God knows I have needed it as well.

And suddenly they appeared, for me out of nowhere. One moment I am looking for our keys and the second Sebastian walks by right in front of me. Color me shocked. He disappeared quite quickly, probably was still sick (throwback to circa week ago, when he casually posted on Twitter about coughing up blood… mate, you will hardly see Palaye sell out stadiums if you are dead).

So we only met Emerson with Remington. And I will straight up tell you, I have never met nicer musicians/celebrities/whatever you wanna call them. Along side with Yungblud the sweetest people. What shocked me the most was the fact that I was not really nervous. Usually I get all shaken up and can barely say a word, but I did not feel that with them (I mean, I was nervous but not as much as I am with Tokio Hotel for example). Maybe because they don’t put up barriers between them and the fans – physical or imaginery. We are all just people and they treat you like that.

Emerson was absolute sweetheart. He hugged everyone, talked about anything and I admire him for that. We are similar personality and I would probably go insane if I should be backed out in a corner, surrounded by people who all expect something from me. We took a picture and shortly talked about Prague.

Remington was across the hallway, it almost seemed that everyone was trying to get to Em so getting away from him was almost harder. We were almost there, half a meter of empty space. I turn to my friend to give her my phone, turn back and he was gone. I looked around thinking I probably am going crazy. He was slowly backing to the venue to itself, I was not gonna follow him so we just stared at his back hoping we were staring hard enough. He noticed us and got back to us.

I then had to go to him again, because my phone played a practical joke on me and did not save or take single of those pictures. Which was slightly embarassing, “Hi, it’s me again, can we do the picture thing again? It kinda did not work…” sigh, go me. That earned me rather confused look. Me being me, I again mentioned something along the lines of “see you in Prague” and just as Emerson, his eyes lit up.

I am still working on the video for IG TV, so hopefully I manage to finish it before leaving for Vienna.

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