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Emo. A word that perhaps all teenagers in the 2000’s and 2010’s knew. Originally rather specific term, over time became blanket term covering everything alternative, used to describe things that are not at all EMO, people use it as an insult and some think that it should not be used at all.


EMO is a style of music that has branched off from post-hardcore and punk at the end of 80’s and the beginning of 90, pioneered by bands such as Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, etc.

But what makes a band EMO? Is it the music itself or lyrics?

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The concert being announced shocked me. I did not expect them knowing where Prague is, let alone coming here.

From the get go I was worried about one thing – the audience. I was not afraid that no one would go see them or that the audience would be dead, but I was worried more about the age of the audience. My concern became a reality and I can skip on concert in Czech Republic for some time. But more on that below.

I had a VIP in Prague from the very beginning, I did not plan on going to Stuttgart or Vienna for that matter and let alone knew that they will literally meet everyone after the show. And it’s not like with Tokio Hotel whose VIP would make me bancrupt. For ticket + VIP for Palaye I have paid the same or less than just for ticket for Tokio Hotel (80€) with the VIP content being almost identical, plus the band is not annoyed at you .

My evening already started with a mini heart attack before I even got my ass out the door. I was getting ready and messing around with Boomerang, one finally worked out and I have posted it on my IG story and continued dancing around my apartment to Death Dance sipping wine.

When out of the blue I got a notification that Sebastian shared my Story. I did not even begin to think he shared this as I still had the M&G pocture from Vienna on my Story. Oh boy, was I wrong? It was the Boomerang and I nearly tossed my phone.

Me, the winking idiot, on Sebastian’s Story… God… Gotta learn to stop tagging them in shit.

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One would not have guessed how hard it might be to move one’s ass from Prague to Stuttgart.

Direct connection is nonexistent. By coach it’s at least two changes. Plane? No, thank you. Czech Railways expensive af as always. Then I got the brilliant idea of checking out Deutsche Bahn, fully expecting them to be even more expensive than with Czech Railways. Oh was I wrong. For tickets that I would pay almost 5 500 CZK (220 €) cost me only 59 € with Deutsche Bahn.

Also I do not know why, but every time I leave at an unholy hour. Anything before 10 AM is suffering for me, so let me be dramatic 🙂 Departure at 8.05 almost killed me. I have spend the afternoon and evening procrastinating, finished packing only at 1 AM already in panic that I will surely oversleep.

Why did I go to Stuttgart in a first place? I went for my ever concert of Palaye Royale. Close by lives one of my friends, who wanted to see them as well, but did not want to go alone. And I can never say no to another concert.

I am not the biggest fan of adrenaline sports etc., biggest adrenaline for me is buying concert tickets before even knowing how you will get there.

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